Friday, June 24, 2011

Letters on A Thursday!

Sweet Husband. You cleaned up every single dish last night. You clean every single dish pretty much every single night. Thank you for serving and loving me so well. Folks. The Felder's are heading your way in T-Minus one day. I can't wait till we dominate the Malone's in some basketball. Dear Pinterest, I think my never-ending headaches may have to do with my innate obsession of staring into the computer screen at your lovely website...I may be exaggerating a tad there. But really. I like inspired me to make some mean, delicious cinnamon bread today. Cinnamon bread that was so mean and delicious that I had no time to take a picture of it. Thank you. Merk.  The other night you sang everything you had to say to me. Thanks for making my life a musical. Love it and love you.

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