Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesday {on A Wednesday}

I start my job in August. Until then, I have my days free. I wake up when Mark does. He heads out for work and I am home to clean, cook, craft, read, and relax. The Lord blesses me with an insane amount of time to brew some good coffee, crack a couple eggs, and bust out His Word when I start off my day.

Despite the "insane amount of time" that has been given to me, this usually doesn't happen. Instead, I wake up when Mark does. I go back to sleep when Mark leaves. I wake up an hour or two later. I make a latte. I have some cereal... I definitely don't dig into the Word.

Isn't it funny how I was longing for this time when I had a job of teaching and planning a wedding; yet, when the time comes I don't embrace it? I am thankful for this time of rest the Lord has provided me, but this time needs to be used in a way that honors and glorifies Him...only in Him will I find rest that will sustain.

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  1. I completely agree. I prayed for a job where I could read His Word all day long and when I was so graciously given it I found myself filling this time with other meaningless things.

    I was reminded of Romans 7:15-25. It's a daily dying to self.


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