Friday, June 3, 2011


Woo-Hoo! It's Friday! I am so excited for the husband to get home and get this weekend started. This is one of the first weekends in the last month that we have nothing planned outside of Houston. Even though I have loved traveling and seeing friends get hitched the last couple weekends, I am excited to be at home with my other newlywed half :)

We finally got some frames up in the living room. I painted the last little thing to complete it today, so I figured I'd share. Sorry for the bad picture quality. I am using my i-phone for all the pictures...hence the  bad quality.

I bought the bike print soon after we got married. It doesn't quite fit in the ikea frame...but I still like it. One day I'll try and matte it myself so it fits properly. for now, this will do

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the rental print was given to me by mom last christmas. i am so glad she figured out etsy and snuck into my favorites :) Once again, the ikea frame isn't perfect. I'm thinking of getting some blue fabric and putting it in the background behind the white matte. I'll chop off the white edges of the rental sign too. But for now...

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chevron stripe was painted today on a little canvas then put in. it isn't completely perfect, but it's much more fun painting it yourself :)

this was our save the date for our wedding. it feels like ages ago that i sent this the mail, but it was just months ago. crazy.

and the last frame is a part of a card i wrote mark when he was in houston and i was in college station.
I love having things from the past up on the walls...
even if other people don't get it :)

I can't wait to add on to this!
I'm imagining a pretty fun collage on this wall. 
One step at a time though...
 Can't break the bank. 

So much of me wants to break down walls and put in shelving...I have to remind myself that this is just a temporary place. Rental Sweet Rental. While I am making it into our "home", I think I'll save the big renovations/projects for when we have a "home sweet home" that we own.

For now, I'll just keep collecting ideas and saving up money for said ideas :)

Have a great friday, friends!

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