Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thankful Tuesday.

I'm not sure why I made Thankful Tuesday on a Tuesday. It goes so much better with Thursday. Alas, I continue...

Brinner. It was a common occurrence in the Malone household. The Fisher's have certainly continued that tradition...mostly due to their eldest son (my nephew, Cade) thinking breakfast is the most wonderful thing in the world. I remember the moment Nana put a pile of pancakes in front of him for the first time. Since then, he hasn't turned back. Well, Cade, I agree with you. Breakfast sure is good. I am thankful for the times you can sneak in an occasional handful of chocolate chips into your buttermilk pancakes. That's what your Uncle Mark and I did last night. Brinner. Chocolate-Chip Pancakes for me. Blueberry Pancakes for him. And a delicious yogurt parfait on the side...

 {yes. bacon was included. it's a must have.} 
bacon was not included in that parfait.
it was on the side of the pancakes.
that would note have been appetizing. 

I'm thankful for traditions continued. Traditions such as "Brinner", a delicious coffee cake recipe from generations ago, or running down the stairs in your pajamas on Christmas Day...traditions such as Muster, the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, or saying "Howdy"...

I'm thankful for the opportunity to begin new traditions with our new little family. {No, I'm not pregnant}. It's just the two of us. Who just started singing Will Smith's song? I did. Soon the two of us will have the same last name. We just got the marriage licenses in the mail a couple days ago, so I am off to legally change my last name to Felder.

Don't worry, Mom. Mark and I decided to carry on the tradition of the name Malone. Ashlee Malone Felder. Weird without a Nicole...but it will do : )

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