Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Letter on a Thursday

 Hey Husband. Thanks for coming home from work early yesterday so we could die in spinning class together.

Dear Spinning Bike, Why does your saddle have to be so darn uncomfortable?  

Why hello there Cone-head... 
Thank you for always making me laugh....and for always including others in on the fun.

 Miss and love you big brother.

Dear CStat Folk. Most of you have moved away from Aggieland. But just for old times sake...I say let's repeat this.

Dear Milton Vincent, Thank you for challenging me. I'm sharing a little bit of your book, A Gospel Primer, to my 10 followers because my prayer is that this becomes my prayer and theirs as well. Madre, get out your magnifying glass. The print is tiny.

Preaching the gospel to myself each day nourishes within me a holy brazenness to believe what God says, enjoy what He offers, and do what He commands. Admittedly, I don't deserve to be a child of God and I don't deserve to be free of sin's guilt and power. I don't deserve the staggering privilege of intimacy with God, nor any other blessing that Christ has purchased for me with His blood. I don't even deserve to be useful to God. But by the grace of God I am what I am and I have what I have, and I hereby resolve not to let any portion of God's grace prove vain in me! And to the degree that I fail to live up to this resolve, I will boldly take for myself the forgiveness that God says is mine and continue walking in His grace. This is my manifesto, my daily resolve; and may God be glorified by this confidence that I place in Him (page 52).

A Gospel Primer is an incredible book. I highly encourage each of you to purchase it :) 

And to make it Today's Letters sandwich style again...

Boy Roomie, I love that the first thing you want to do when you get home is lay on the couch and just be for a moment. Thanks for reminding me that it's ok to take a moment and be still. In fact, it's good. Oh, and I love that I'm your roomie. Who knew having a boy roommate would be so fun?!

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  1. Love your blog Ashley! Super cute with the chalkboard recipes! I'm going to have to try that one! :) And I LOVE the Today's Letters style letters--we loved getting to know the Loerkes when we were in Dallas. If you ever get the chance to spend some time with them you SHOULD! :)


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