Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hustle and Bustle!

Who here is guilty of hustling and bustling a bit too much this Holiday season?

 If asked that question, I would be the obnoxious student raising their hand high to the sky, trying hard to not jump from their seat.

This holiday season has possibly been the fastest in history for me. I find this odd, seeing as I am a stay at home wife with zero kids. Shouldn't time be slow? Shouldn't I have all the time in the world? Shouldn't I have had morning upon morning to decorate for the holidays, go shopping, bake goodies, and rest on the coming of Christ?

Well, I thought it would be that way. Instead, I was busy checking off the to-do lists, buying the gifts, and not really breathing in the meaning of Christmas and the memories that come with it.

Let's hope that this week is different. Mark gets off work tomorrow, we fly to Texas, and we will spend the week celebrating Christ's birth and the wonderful gift he has given us...all with my fabulous family!

Here's a bit of our busy month :)

Thanksgiving weekend Mark's madre came to visit. It was full of fun and included a day in San Francisco and winery hopping in Sonoma. 

Once the first of December hit, I made this advent calendar. My plan was to have a note, bible verse, or activity in it each day for Mark to open. Gingerbread house decorating, Christmas light looking, random gifts, ornament making, christmas movies with hot chocolate, ice skating date night, and etcetera. Sadly, this dream did not become the best reality...with the "hustle and bustle" of life we were lucky this month if Mark got home from work on time and if I had a fresh meal on the table.

The following weekend Mark's dad and step mom flew in from North Carolina. The second they showed up they got straight to work fixing our refrigerator...

After such hard work, we took them to a restaurant to enjoy this huge California steak...

The next weekend, I put on a Fair Trade Christmas Party at church. This is what took up most of my time this holiday season...but it was so worth it. I spent many many hours at our local Starbucks preparing for this night and I'd say it was quite a success, all because of the Lord. He is slowly teaching me to be more like him  by being a good consumer and voting for justice and equality with the items I purchase. I'll share more about this in another post :)

The last several days I have been busy at the home sewing and crocheting Christmas gifts.

{I couldn't show you those unwrapped now...}

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope you find joy and rest this holiday with family, friends, and the saving grace of Christ!

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