Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here We Come

A whole month.

I can't believe an entire month {minus one day} has gone by.
Circa one week ago not much had changed in the Felder household.
Go back to this week, however, and changes were a happenin...

Life was normal. Mark was waking daily to make his trek to work in the Houston traffic. I woke daily to spend my summer days nannying {hence to why I haven't been blogging}. We began making solid friendships with dear friends at Sojourn Community Church. Rock Climbing at TRG became a regular thing. I was fired up for my year of teaching Kindergarten at Trinity Classical School. Houston became home.

Fast forward to Tuesday. This week. My handsome husband comes home with some big that could result in Houston not being home anymore. News of his job transferring him. The days following were spent in discussion and prayer and research and as of yesterday, friends...we are moving.

Where, you ask?

{sung to the tune of the hit song, of course}
thank you O.C. 

In just a couple short months we will be moving to an area about 30 miles out of San Francisco, 30 miles from Napa Valley, 50 miles from San Jose, where Mark's sister and husband live, and just a day's drive from Yellowstone and Yosemite. How great is that?!

This bit of news caught us both by surprise. While we are beyond excited, there are definite bits of hesitation when taking this big leap to California. Our comforts are here. Our families are here. Our friends are here. Life is here. All the while, we are confident the Lord allowed us this opportunity in order to bring His name more glory and to advance His kingdom further.

We are excited to share in this adventure with ya'll! We will be moving sometime during September or October and as of now his company plans on keeping us there for 2-3 years.

Look forward to many blog updates on our journey towards the Golden State :)

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  1. Not gonna lie, Cale was pretty excited to move to Houston after graduation because "the Felders would be there." We are a little sad but so excited for y'all and what the Lord will teach you through the process!


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