Friday, October 7, 2011

A Life Update for Friends Afar :)

In case any of you Texans or Carolinans or whoever were's a quick life update for you.

Warning: This post has no pictures and all words. 

Scratch that.

I just added a video. Yay for technology!

Mark and I found a church we have decided to join here! We wanted to find a place that was in our town so we could really live life with the rest of the body. Last night we went to a small group at a couples home and loved it, so we are excited to start living life alongside these people. We would love prayers as we begin forming relationships here.

- Pray that they are gospel-centered, intentional, and downright fun. Pray that the Lord provides an older couple to come alongside us and disciple us. That would be awesome...and pray for relationships to be formed with maybe some high school students or younger folks that we could come alongside and, by God's grace, train and disciple as well.

- Pray for those people who aren't in our church body who we have become friends with...that good solid relationships will be made and that we won't selfishly leave the Lord out of them because it makes us feel uncomfortable or we are nervous. If we really believed the gospel to be true, then why would we NOT share this good news with others?! I've been super convicted of this lately.

- Pray for me (Ash) to find a place I can work (I had an interview last week at a school and have yet to find out the outcome). Ultimately, pray for me to trust in the Lord's provision, be pro-active and prayerful, be content, and see opportunities for ministry whether I get paid or not.

- Pray for our marriage...that we wake up each day reminded that we have a blessed opportunity to live this gospel out right here in our home. 

- Lastly, pray for me (Ash) to choose joy and to give thanks for all the little things the Lord blesses us with each day. Each things he gives us is a gift. So often I forget such things.

Check out this video I saw about a book...I like it :) 

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