Friday, October 14, 2011


Last night Mark and I rode our bikes to the town Farmer's Market for the first time...only to realize we forgot the key to our bike lock. So, we biked back to the house to get the key, which is when Mark decided he wanted to walk there instead.

These feet are thankful we only live about a mile away from the happenings downtown.

The weekly Farmer's Market was wonderful. Booth beyond booth of fresh produce, good food, kettle corn, and little shops were lined up on 1st street. We were sad to hear that this weekly ritual ends later this month and won't pick back up until April. 

 We didn't get any fruit or vegi's because we forgot our bag, but Mark decided I looked too legit in these to not buy them...

After strolling down First, we had some good grub, began the stroll back home, stopped at the baseball fields to watch an inning of a kid's game, and then got back to the house to get much needed rest.


Another first for the Felder clan is that I attempted and dominated my first stab at sewing a skirt. Thank you sweet Caroline for great instructions


And the last first that will take place tomorrow...

Mark and I are road tripping it to Yosemite for the first time of many! We are only going on a day trip to hike around. You have to reserve a camping spot there at least 6 months in advance...can I say crazy!?! I'll try and remember my actual camera for once...

Oh...Sunday also marks my first birthday as a married lady... and six months of being a married lady! 

I'll be 24...can I say EVEN MORE CRAZY?!?

Have a great weekend :)

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