Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lessons Learned

Yesterday, I learned that biking in the Bay is much different than biking in flat land Texas.

I took the bike out of the storage, put the wheels on, and decided to bike over to a coffee shop to read and the local grocery to pick up some last minute things. It was a climb, but at least the hills were good for burning the calories from my chocolate-chip pumpkin pancake breakfast.

Yesterday, I also learned how to break into our home when and if I lock the keys inside...hopefully that won't happen again...and hopefully, if it does, a window will be left cracked open for me to climb through.

1) take screen off.
2) open up really thin window.
3) pray this pumpkin pancake eating body will fit thorugh said window.
4) attempt to climb up.
5) realize i haven't gone climbing in a while and it would be much easier to have some help.
6) grab stool.
7) laugh at self and get laughed at from school students passing by

<fast forward to now>

This morning I just finished making myself a chai latte.

and some more pumpkin pancakes...

I'll probably jump on the bike again to run errands and attempt mastering the hills...but let's hope I don't relearn the task of climbing through a window again.

Any lessons you've learned lately that you wish you hadn't?!

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