Friday, October 21, 2011


Seeing as I haven't blogged in an entire week, I figured now was a good time to link up at this place. 

Last Friday I finished my first ever DIY skirt! Woo! Maybe this will make me wear skirts more...I'm sure my husband would like a change from his "every single day I wear jeans" wife.

Saturday we celebrated our 6 months of being married and my 24 years of being alive and went to Yosemite. We hiked up to Yosemite Falls, which is reported to be a 6-8 hour hike. We did it in 4...and felt the pain from it when it hurt to walk the following day. 

P.S. isn't that beautiful? How great is our God?!

Going to Yosemite made Mark and I miss climbing that much more. 

(Mark pulled his finger pulley so we have had to take a break from it for a while)

So, we finally put up our training board so I could at least train a bit...while my stud husband does one arm pull ups with his good hand.

 let the training commence.

Tuesday we took the ol' Frisbee out for some fun. We walked to a couple parks in town, but it turned out that all the little soccer teams had booked each field.

That's when we were thankful for a good back yard.

Wednesday we took a walk to the local library to get library cards. Mark wasn't too excited when I told him to let me take a picture of him in front of this. Can't you tell?

That's when I put away the phone for a good amount of time...

...until yesterday when I sewed my second DIY skirt for Lori (in addition to multiple other things that I will share eventually). I think I've found a new hobby in sewing...if only I had a job to purchase the needed fabric :) 

More on that later.


Just got back from my morning jogging loop and am now waiting for the espresso machine to warm up to make a much needed latte.

Mark and I get our California drivers licenses today. Starting tomorrow we will no longer get the  long standing joke at the grocery store when we show them our driver's license...

"You're from Texas? I'm sorry."

and I will no longer have to hold my tongue from saying something back.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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  1. your blog header is really great!

  2. Hi Ash,
    So excited to "meet" you here. I love your sweet blog header. So cute! Happy 6 months anniversary and happy birthday too! Isn't marriage just the best? My husband, aka Mr Handsome, & I just got married a year & a half ago. Yay. So much fun Making firsts together! Also- side note- love your d.iy skirt- so cute!
    I'm visiting you from insta Friday. Thanks for stopping by to say hi on my blog. Now I'm *your* newest follower!

  3. The weather looks gorgeous there! Love both of your DIY skirts too.

  4. I love your blog header, so adorbs! Yay for your 24th birthday & 6 months of marriage! How fun to celebrate those together!

  5. found you on instafriday.- what a great header! love it. i hear ya about buying fabric... and being from texas. i'm in south carolina currently but i still have texas plates on my car and often get skeptical looks from the locals. congratulations on 6 months of marriage and a birthday! i blog at


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