Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a weekend "peak"

 This weekend I saw lots of great friends, ate good food at restaurants I have missed, packed out our two old homes and my classroom, and had some fun as well. Here's a little "peak"

{camping & kayaking just a bit}

 {mowing. cleaning. packing. a lot.}

{sno cone. every. day.}

 {celebrating mf & ian getting hitched}
how cute is this tree?! two of them were placed at the backdrop of their i do's and i loved it.

{a quick boulder trip to rogers park}

{watching my hubby rock it}

 {traversing a bit}

{a great view of lake belton.}
almost jumped in. no towel, so i resisted.
 {an even greater view of sunflowers}
I just love driving on the back roads of Texas. It had rows and rows...and rows...of corn field. Then, out of nowhere, out pops a huge plot of land covered with sunflowers. The hubby graciously stopped so I could jump out and look. 

Hope your Memorial Weekend was just as productive and fun as ours was!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! and dare i say, the letters to mark are...cute.


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