Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letters on a Thursday.

Dear Husband, thanks for not getting upset with me when I steal the sheets. I promise I don't mean to. Perhaps you'll enjoy having the bed all to yourself tonight. Wow. The first night we aren't together. That will be weird! Enjoy the freedom tonight. I'll be back to steal tomorrow :)

Hey Parish People, enjoy this coffee cake I made and give a big thanks to good ol' Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman who motivates me to always keep my fridge stocked with plenty of butter to whip up such things as that delicious coffee cake. And that little missing corner piece you see - for some reason it just didn't bake there. Weird. I know. Or maybe I just had to have a bite to taste it for you myself (hence the picture above).

Dear College Station, I can not wait to step my feet into your Aggie infested soil. I have missed you so. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of spending time with my first graders now second graders, eating at a good Mexican Restaurant, staying at the Bacaks, and dancing it up at the future Bowling's wedding! I'm not looking forward to cleaning and moving out of Mark's old house and my classroom. Oh well :) Duties call.

And in honor of Today's Letters, hubby sandwich style..

Dear Mark, thanks for letting me sleep in this morning. I can't wait for you to get to CStat tomorrow. You better get there stat (too much. yes, i think so. i try to be funny. it fails at times). And bring the tent so we can camp out tomorrow night. That will be fun. Kayaking included! We can prepare for our long awaited summit climb to the Grand Tetons. Step back 13,775 feet, that mountain has the Felder name on it.

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