Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, Joyful!

23 years ago Miss Joy Elizabeth Mercer made her grand entrance onto this Earth.

I haven't spoken to Momma Mercer about this, but I'm positive it was a grand and loud entrance. Joy would have nothing less.

Joy and I met during one of the tiring, exciting, and grueling days of rush recruitment our freshmen year at A&M. After a long week, we both ended up "going Chi-O!"

{the first of many "sorority poses". my legs are def stronger because of them}

We didn't hang out that often freshmen year, but we soon came to our senses and through Pine Cove and various reasons we ended up becoming great friends and living together our last two years of college!

 {the five of us}

When I say "great friends", I mean so great that I even went with her to the infamous Hannah Montana Concert in 3D. That's right, we stood in the waiting line and everything. It was legendary. Here's a little glimpse for you...


In honor of your birthday, Miss Joy...here is my Thankful Tuesday post...all centered around you :)

Reasons I am Thankful {for Joy}

4. I am thankful for the love we share of things Disney. Yes, I admit it. I love Disney Channel. Maybe not as much as Joy, but oh how I love it. 

5. I am thankful for her ability to be the girl who can make me laugh at any instant moment, yet the same girl who can sit down over a good cup of hot cocoa or some beverage and have an in depth conversation of how deep and wide and long the love of our Lord is. 

6. I am thankful for Joys's energy, compassion for others, laughter, kindness, honesty, and eagerness to serve the Lord. I look forward to the path the Lord has laid out in front of her and am confident she will make His name great through it all!
7. I am thankful for the many hilarious memories and the many more to come with this lifelong friend of mine :) I wish I could write them all down here...but here's a little glimpse for memories sake: single ladies, live crawfish, black eyes due to imaginary balls, colorado sb2k9 POUNCE, sexy winks, the toe, the tennis match, christmas decorating, the mysterious zach efron, and you celebrating with Mark & I just over a month ago to the start of our new life together :)

Wish I could give you one of these today...love you!

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