Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh, How You've Grown!

Sweet first grade graduates :)

It was such a joy to see you the past two days. It seems like just yesterday you were walking into my classroom filled with excitement and ready to take on the world of first grade. Some of you were a bit timid, perhaps a little nervous. I was a bit nervous as well, but as soon as I saw each of your smiling faces I knew that the Lord could get me through this...and that somehow, some way He would use me and use each of you to make Himself known in our lives. I am so blessed to have had you be my students for my first time teaching. You have learned so much and taught me even more!

I am pretty sure that since August of last year, each of you grew 3,000 feet! Did your parents have to go buy five new wardrobes because of the many growth spurts you have gone through? Or perhaps you had to buy a new wardrobe because of the many holes you got in your pants at recess (you know who I'm talking about!)

You have all lost teeth - some of you lost so many teeth that you had trouble eating an apple. Your mind has grown in so many ways. You know how to read and express yourself. You can tell time. You can stand up in front of people and give a speech, even if you have nerves! You can diagram a sentence way better than I could in college. In fact, you could probably tear apart this blog post and fill it with red marks that need to be corrected! You can go to a store and easily hand the cashier the exact amount of change needed to buy a pretty necklace or a slimy frog (if that's your thing). Your mind has certainly grown.

Most importantly, you have daily written the word of the Lord in your heart. You have grown physically and academically, but more than anything I have seen a growth of the Lord drawing you near to Him. Some of you have found NEW LIFE in Him and I can see the process of sanctification taking place in you each day.


What a joy it is to learn from you who put the Lord first, others second, and yourself third; what a joy it is for a first grader to spur my heart on to give abundantly as the Lord calls us to do; what a joy it is to see the future generation seeking after the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength!

I pray you continue to do just that. As you grow up and become taller than your own parents and as you begin to run faster and learn to paint more beautifully, I pray you also begin to chase harder after our God. I pray you realize more each day of how in need you are of a Savior and how true delight is only found in the One who made and loves us.

Thank you so much for teaching me these things! You will forever be in my prayers and I cannot wait to see where the Lord leads you throughout your life! Have fun in second grade :)

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