Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Fun

Since day one of dating Mark, I am pretty sure I have stated how wonderful it would be to go on a picnic. We haven't gone on a picnic before.

We have gone kayaking, eaten sandwiches while battling the waters, and broken up a melon on a rock after because we were starving and happened to have one in the car.

After a dirty day of kayaking, you need the antiBac to sanitize...even though your knife was a dirty rock found on the side of the road

It didn't matter. I was starving.

Anyhow, fast forward one year and we still had yet to go on a picnic. 

Until this weekend :) Thanks hubby for showing me a good time at Miller Park. Bocce ball, yummy sandwiches and salads, wine in a nalgene, good cheese, and the Houston Ballet. It looks like Houston isn't looking to bad after all...

I'll be back tomorrow with a yummy pressed sandwich recipe that we had on our picnic! I hope everyone had a great weekend :)

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