Thursday, September 1, 2011

Letters on a Thursday.


Groom, this week after i was lovingly being your helpmate by being a back seat driver, you decided to let me know that you were a professional drive.  my response? you aren't in nascar....and then you made known that indeed, you are not one who only knows how to turn left, but you are a true professional who can turn left, right, reverse, u-turn, brake at the right time, and take care of me. thank you for your wit, charm, and keeping me safe in the car. i think this means you should be the driver all the way to california. agreed?

Dear Amazon, the other half and i are oh so thankful that after 4 months of patiently waiting, you finally sent the first issue of bon appetit to us. thanks to you we have a handful or restaurants to hit in the next several months!

three day weekend, i am so excited for you to get here. first friday, maddens brunch, lake cabin, new life, and seeing good people will make this weekend one to remember. please come soon.

Sweet Husband of Mine, thank you for loving me despite my inability to love you back at times. those times i do love you are only evidences of God's grace in my life... oh, how great is He, to save a sinner such as me!

I hope everyone else has a great three day weekend...or regular ol' two day weekend! 

Check out this rad blog  for the inspiration behind Thursday's letters...

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