Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frame It!

And the countdown continues...8 days.


We are in the midst of moving hysteria here at the Felder house. It isn't too hectic seeing as we don't have many things...but I have definitely had my fair share of taping boxes today. While boxing up our belongings we noticed that some things are just too tough to move.


My bouquet from the wedding day. 

It has served it's purpose as a cute decoration in the dining room, but moving that thing will result in dried out flower petals everywhere. 

Mark was a bit more disappointed that it had to go than I was. It's easier for me to get rid of things because of moving so much as a kid. So, to appease Mark (and myself...I definitely like the idea of keeping things from our wedding day!) I did a little project to keep bits of the bouquet with us forever. 

Did anyone else say FOOOOR-EEEVVV-ER? Oh Sandlot, how I love you. When I was a kid I may or may not have had a crush on Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez. 

Back to what I did today (besides packing boxes).

Now we can take it with us to California.

Or at least part of it :) 

I used the same burlap that was wrapped around the bouquet as the background, and then chose 3 of the flowers to put in the frame. 

This would have been much easier if the flowers weren't completely dried out. Regardless, it was still super easy and required zero tools except some hardback books to press the flowers in. 

If you like the idea of pressing flowers and framing them, I love this idea found on DesignSponge!

Back to packing up this apartment...

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  1. Oh I just love this idea, Ashlee! Where did you get the frame?
    Also, your new house is ADORABLE. I really do hope we can come visit you one day :)


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