Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Beginning.

Well friends, we are hitched. There are no words we can make up to explain how blessed we are to spend our lives here on earth together.

One thing we can say...it was a great first kiss. In case you missed it.

We got back from the honeymoon just days ago and hit the floor running with real life. I have a feeling that Mark wanted to stay in good ol' cheese & farming country. 

{picture from Ploughgate Creamery}

While I dearly miss the farm to table food, I am glad to be back in my our apartment (maybe I feel that way because I do not have to be at work each day as Mark does). Regardless. I'm loving being a stay at home wife for the moment...while actively seeking a job!

As I have attempted before, I am attempting again. A blog. We'll see what happens with it. Mark and I are both excited about it. Get ready to take a little {peak} into our lives. 

Why "a peak" you ask? Well. Mark and I love mountains. We love climbing. We love adventure. I guess we just wanted to make a play on words. 

Our attempt: A blog on marriage, the Gospel, forgiveness, good food, & (of course) adventures.

Here goes...

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